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IATROSCAN® MK-6 / MK-6s / Iatrobeads

The MK-6 provides an alternative to the HPLC, GC and the old fashioned TLC. The system incorporates the best of TLC, HPLC and GC with quick qualitative and quantitative analysis of separated compounds by FID (Flame Ionization Detector) and FPD (Flame Photometric Detector). This provides the chromatographer with a tool for separations in the field of Cosmetics, Food Additive, Lipid Analysis, Modified Bitumen, Anti-Epileptic Drugs, Additive Agents, Polymer Additives etc. The FPD allows for simultaneous determination of Phosphorous and Sulphur on the system.

The Iatroscan uses Chromorods, which are Quartz rods coated with Silica, to perform like columns/TLC plates and uses flame to burn the separated samples for final analysis on the FID and FPD. Automated systems include 2 types of AutoSpotters for spotting the samples and an interface for connection to software. 


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IATROSCAN Applications

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Application  Number Page
Keys to Analytical Procedure 1A 46
Type Analysis for Heavy Oil / SARA 2A 60
Analysis of Biodegraded Crude Oil by Iatroscan  11 65
Analysis of Lipids by Iatroscan  5 70
Analysis of Lipids by Iatroscan  5 77
Analysis of Lipids by Iatroscan (Marine Products)   23 88
Chromarod-SIII Treatment Procedure for P on FPD  4A 98
Analysis of Glyceride isomers using Boric acid-Impregnated Chromarods 12 104
Analysis of Triglyceride Molecular Species using  16 111
Silver nitrate-Impregnated Chromarods .    
Lipid Analysis using Copper Sulphate Impregnated Chromarods  22 120
Experimental Analysis for Infinitesimal Components Contained in Main 20 126
Ingredients (Detection of Infinitesimal Phospholipid in Edible Oils)     
Tracing of Reaction with Enzymatic Experimental Reaction by Iatroscan 13 133
Separation of Isomers and Derivatives 9 137 9 137
Analysis of Surface Active Agents by Iatroscan  21 147
Analysis of Polymer Additives by Iatroscan   24 156
Environment and Health Friendly Developing Solvents for Iatroscan 15 166
Chromatograms       175
Dye(Food dye, Napthol quinone, Azo dye), Hormones (Pregnandiol),    
Ginseng Saponin, Liquid Crystal, Capsaicine, Cosmetic Cream,    
Rubber Antioxidant, Polymer    



Heavy oil type analysis SARA Type Analysis IATROSCAN TLC-FID Thin-Layer Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector

1 Saturated H.C.
2 Aromatic
3 Resin
4 Asphaltene

Stationary phase :Chromarod-SIII

Mobile phase :

1st. Hexane 100% 10cm
2nd. Toluene 100% 6cm
3rd. Dichloromethane:Methanol 57:3 2.5cm


Lipids analysis IATROSCAN TLC-FID Thin-Layer Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector

Sample:Standard mixture
1.Cholesterol ester
4.Phosphatidyl ethanolamine
5.Phosphatidyl choline
6.Phosphatidyl inositol
8.Lysophosphatidyl choline

Stationary phase :Chromarod-SIII

Mobile phase :
1st. Chloroform:Methanol:Water: 25%Ammonia
47:20:2.5:0.28 7cm
2nd.Hexane :Diethyl ether 63:7 10cm

Glycerides by IATROSCAN (TLC-FID)

Glycerides analysis IATROSCAN TLC-FID Thin-Layer Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector

Sample:Standard mixture

1.TG (tripalmitin)
2.FA (palmitic acid)
3.1,3-DG (1,3-dimyristin)
4.1,2-DG (1,2-dipalmitin)
5.MG (monopalmitin)

Stationary phase : CHROMAROD-SIII

Mobile phase :
Benzene :Chloroform : Acetic acid
50 : 20 : 0.7 10cm



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Iatrobeads are a chromatographic separation material with exceptional uniformity and stability, and has many uses including the isolation and purification of lipids, phospholipids, gangliosides, carbohydrates, and oligosaccharides. If packing columns for the chromatographic clean up of lipids is on your research or industrial agenda, you owe it to yourself to see what Iatrobeads can do for you.

We stock and provide the Iatrobeads Packing Materials. Iatrobeads are porous fine silica gel with unique spherical properties and particle size uniformity.  They provide superior separation performance and exhibit superior stability compared with other materials.

Now Iatrobeads are available from stock. They can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. or Canada within 2 working days. We can also stock substantial quantities to supply users who reorder on a regular basis.

  • Particle Size: 60 microns, Micropore Vol.: 0.85ml/g
    Mean Diameter of micropores: 80A
    Surface Area: 420 m2/g