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Shell, Jr. 4000 Radio-TLC Scanner

Jr TLC ScannerThe Shell Jr. 4000

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¨ Low cost Imaging Scanners have numerous advantages over others: 

¨  Low cost, compact, bench saving design

¨ High performance detector for 100 X 200 mm TLC plates, Strips, Gels,        Blots

¨ BGO detector for g and Positrons (200 X 200 mm available)

¨ Proportional Gas Flow Counter for b detection

¨ Automated set-up of scan speeds, peak detection & data manipulation

¨ Linearity > 106, Low background & detection limits

¨ GLP/CFR 11 compliant


High performance detector for 10X20 cm TLC plates, gels, blots, strips etc.
For all isotopes, including 3H.
V-shape BGO crystal detector specially designed for gamma and positron detection: 123I, 125I, 99mTC, 18F, 15O, 11C, 13N ...Equipped with a proportional gas flow counter, it is suitable for beta measurements: 3H, 14C, 32P
Linearity > 106
Low background by tungsten shielding and optimized crystal volume.
Suitable for radiochemical purity determination.
MS WINDOWS™ software. 
Automatic voltage setting.
Electronic collimator.
Automatic evaluation, and measurement traces for ease of use. 
1D, and 3D software available. MS WINDOWS™ software.
Interchangeable collimator from 1 - 50 mm.


n Occupies 8.5" (21.5 cm) bench space
Low cost and low maintenance system
Linearity to 6 decades
TLC quantitation without scraping
Fast lane analysis under 1 min.
Simple calibration and adjustment
Collimators for 5 - 50 mm lanes
Programmable scan speeds
Automated data analysis
Optional upgrade allows same software to be used for Radio-HPLC & GC