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Shell-USA, Inc. 
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Software for Radio-HPLC, GC, TLC Scanner, Monitors

Shell Jr. Series is a data acquisition, evaluation, integration and control system for TLC Imaging Scanners, Radio-HPLC, Radio-GC, other liquid and gas chromatography. With simultaneous acquisition of up to six channels, it allows monitoring and full automation of complete chromatography system.









 Digital data recording/storage                                              

 Int./Ext. Standardization 


 Automatic range selection                                                     

 Auto/manual run time setting

 Selectable smoothing                                            

 Auto/manual peak detection

 Auto/manual peak integration                                                        

 Auto/manual base line detection

 Auto/manual report generation                                  

 Autosampler Queue and Batch Reprocessing

 Baseline Subtraction                                             

 Multi-level Calibration Curves

 Dynamic Data Exchange ( DDE )                                 

 Merge Results from Multiple Channels

 Data Smoothing                                                  

 Calibration Averaging

 Method file development & storage