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Semi-automatic AutoSpotter Model SES 3202/IS-02

SES Model 3202 AutoSpotter for TLC/FID techniques is a precision instrument specially developed for applying sample solutions onto the sintered silica gel surface of a Chromarod. The smaller and more concentrated the sample spot, the better the resolution obtained after development of the Chromarod in a TLC chamber (3201).

The reproducibility of quantitative and qualitative analyses with the IATROSCAN is closely related to the accurate application of a known quantity of sample onto the surface of a Chromarod in the form of a micro spot.

With the "AutoSpotter" it is possible to apply between 0.020 and 10 micro liters of sample solution. The spotting is electronically controlled through a small external microprocessor module, with a precision of better than 0.5 %.




bulletQuantity of sample is digitally controlled by a stepping motor, driving a precision syringe.
bulletAccurate, automatic indexing of the syringe to the next sample application position.
bulletAutomatic dispensing of sample when each indexed position is reached.
bulletAutomatic control of 2 wash-cycles using the "Wash-Button"
bulletPrecise selection of sample quantity by pre-selection of syringe piston stroke.
bulletConstant controlled speed of pick- up and discharge of sample quantity prevents the formation of gas bubbles in volatile eluents.
bulletThe "AutoSpotter" can apply the sample in successive aliquots thus allowing the solvent to evaporate prior to dispensing the next aliquot of the sample. this avoids diffusion of the sample spot and prevents deterioration of resolution. In this way large amounts of sample can be applied on Chromarods to improve the sensitivity of analyses.

Fully automatic and programmable Sample Spotter Model SES A4250 for CHROMARODS?/font>

The Model A4250 is also suitable for the spotting on TLC plates. As a user of IATROSCAN, you sure would like an improvement of sample spotting .

In the analysis, scientists aim at automation as much as possible. The targets are time saving, accuracy and the elimination of operating errors. This Spotter makes the sample spotting on Chromarods and TLC-plates fully automatic.

The new Spotter reduces the time and work for spotting to the programming of the spotting methods and putting the solvent and sample vials into the associated racks respectively.

The spotting is fully programmable &  automatic. The user can do other important jobs during this time. The Spotter makes the programmed sample spots unattended on its own and generates an signal when spotting is finished.



The spotter reaches its accuracy by digital computer control and by four stepping motors with accurate spindles. So all needed movements for sample taking out of membrane closed bottles, up to exact guiding of the syringe to and on the Chromarods, can be made. There are 25 places in the sample array and some other arrays for standards and some for solvents to clean the syringe . The waste is automatically put into membrane closed vials.


Rows of standard samples with decreasing or increasing concentration, and the selection of samples can be programmed. Unknown samples and known standards can be put on same rods etc.


The Spotting speed and the different sample amounts can also be selected. The samples can be spotted in small aliquots , such that the spotting point will be as small as possible for best resolution after development.


All parameters for the movements can be programmed prior to real spotting of the samples on Chromarods or TLC-Plates. A small jet of air, nitrogen or another inert gas would speed up the solvents evaporation. The tube for this is incorporated in the head for syringe movement a small air pump could be build in as an option.

bulletThe template for the Chromarods is built in a way that it can also be used for TLC plates. The SES-A 4250 has a double use for the Laboratories that analyze with both techniques. So the investigation has a double advantage.

These new automatic AutoSpotter convert the TLC/FID technique with IATROSCAN?/font> to modern instrumentation. The Analyses with Iatroscan becomes favorable in maintenance and price with this full automatic spotting.