Burnclean Series I, II, III
Radioactive Waste Incinerator

The Wakaida BURNCLEAN Series I, II & III incinerators are small self-contained systems for in-situ destruction of scintillating solutions, which are low-level radioactive organic liquid waste. Three models are available depending on the volume to be processed (1, 2 or 3 l/hr).

Fundamental mechanism of the BURNCLEAN consists of a rotating pilot burner, air, and main burner. It can burn solutions at high temperatures, which minimizes the residue, and enables easy maintenance. Material of the hearth is ceramic fiber, which is durable and impervious to acid.

Unlike vaporizing waste burners, BURNCLEAN does not require air volume control, eliminating the need for a valve in the system. The BURNCLEAN is capable of handling and disposing all solvents, from aqueous to 100% organic solution.

Clean Burning
Vaporizing circular jet burning method evaporates waste liquid and voluminous circulating air is supplied to mix. The mixed air rotates to burn at higher than 800oC. It burns the waste liquid to respond to dioxin countermeasures.

Extremely Easy Operation
Voluminous air circulation eliminates the need to adjust air supply depending on the type of waste incinerated. Sequencing circuit is used for automatic control. Push button control allows the automated operation after pouring waste liquid into the waste liquid tank. The inside chamber is automatically cleaned by a spray after incineration.

Operation and Monitoring
Operation is controlled through LCD touch panel enabling continuous monitoring of itís status.

Burning Temperature
As per Science and Technology Agency Requirements, the burning temperature is monitored and recorded. Waste liquid starts to burn when temperature inside of the hearth reaches higher than 800oC and it stops when the temperature goes below 800oC.

Almost no residue remains because the burning system is "Vaporizing circular jet burning method".

Safety Features
Safety interlocks are installed for: Inside temperature and pressure monitoring systems for hearth; Coolant water temperature monitoring system; Gas pressure monitoring system; Coolant water flow monitoring system; Overheat proof system; Fire monitoring system; Vibration monitoring system; and Explosion proof device. In case of an emergency, the alarm and display are activated and automatically stops the incinerator after system purge.



Burning chamber

Burning air pressure switch


Burning air on-off valve

Waste liquid tank

Gas safety valve

Burning blower

Gas on-off valve

Waste liquid pump

Fire monitoring

Waste liquid supply connector

Gas pressure switch

Exhaust tube

Burning chamber pressure sensor

Pilot burner

Burning chamber thermal sensor

Sub burner

Waste liquid pressure switch

Waste liquid vaporizing plate

Waste liquid level sensor

Waste liquid filter

Waste liquid stirrer

Waste liquid warming heater

Waste liquid temperature sensor

Condenser cleaning nozzle

Cleaning water on-off valve


Exhaust thermal sensor

Waste liquid nozzle

Coolant water flow sensor

Waste liquid drain connector

Coolant water thermal sensor

Burning air pressure meter


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