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Shell-USA manufactures and provides complete turnkey solutions for radioactivity determination with GLP compliant control (incl. CFR 11)….be it a TLC imaging scanner, Radio-HPLC detector system, Radio-GC detector system or Liquid scintillation, Gamma, and Beta counters, Radiation and Area Monitors.  We have partnered with HPLC and GC systems manufacturers for instrument control and provide turnkey systems with a single software package!

Shell-USA is theEXCLUSIVEdistributor for the Iatron products in USA, Canada, Mexico and South America which include theIatroscan MK-6 TLC-FID/FPD Analyzer, Iatrobeads, and, AutoSpotters.We stock all items for Iatroscan MK-6 and have factory trained support personnel in the region.

Iatroscan MK-6 and MK-6s TLC-FID/FPD Analyzer & Iatrobeads


"IATROSCAN" is the first Thin-Layer-Chromatography(TLC)-FID/FPD Dual Detection System in the TLC world. IATROSCAN MK-6 enables simultaneous measurement of organic compounds by means of flame ionization detector (FID) and flame photometric detector (FPD). All organic compounds are quantified by our own unique FID, and the hetero-atoms such as phosphorus and sulfur are selectively and quantitatively detected by FPD. IATROSCAN is optimal especially for analyzing of lipids or petroleum fraction types and tracing reaction process of organic synthesis.



Radioactivity Detectors for HPLC, GC, TLC, Monitors

Radio-TLC ScannerRadio-HPLC/GCShell, Jr. 1000/2000/3000/4000

Radio-HPLC, Radio-GC Detectors, Counters, Monitors & Software for all isotopes - β , g. High energy Gamma & Positron detection